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Sexual Violence

  • 1 in 5 college women and 1 in 33 college men will be victims of sexual violence in their lifetime.
  • 2 in 5 gay or bisexual men will experience intimate partner violence.
  • Approximately 1 in 8 lesbian women and nearly half of bisexual women experience rape in their lifetime.
  • Students are at an increased risk during their first few months of their first and second semesters in college.
  • More than 50% of college sexual assaults occur in either August, September, October or November.
  • More than 75% of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone known to the victim.
  • 60% of acquaintance rapes on college campuses occur in casual or steady dating relationships.
  • 64% of Trans people have experienced sexual assault in their lifetime.
  • 21% of TGQN (transgender, genderqueer, nonconforming) college students have been sexually assaulted, compared to 18% of non-TGQN females, and 4% of non-TGQN males.
  • 40% of Black women report coercive contact of a sexual nature by age 18.
  • Male college-aged students (18-24) are 78% more likely and female colleged-aged student (18-24) are 80% more likely than non-students of the same age to be a victim of rape or sexual assault.

Dating Violence

  • Women between the ages of 18-24 are most commonly abused by an intimate partner.
  • 43% of dating college women report experiencing abusive dating behaviors.
  • Transgender survivors were two times as likely to face threats/intimidation within violence relationship, and nearly two times more likely to experience harassment within violence relationships.
  • 52% of college women report knowing a friend who has experienced violent and abusive dating behaviors including physical, sexual, tech, verbal or controlling abuse.
  • 32% of college students report experiencing dating violence by a previous partner.
  • Nearly one third of college students report having physically assaulted a dating partner in the previous 12 months.

Domestic Violence

  • Black women experience domestic violence at rates 35% higher than white women.
  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of [some form of] physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime.
  • LGBT domestic violence is vastly underreported, unacknowledged, and often reported as something other than domestic violence.
  • In one year, 44% of victims in LGBT domestic violence cases identified as men, while 36% identified as women.


  • 1 in 7 women and 1 in 18 men have been stalked by an intimate partner during their lifetime.
  • 4.2% of students have experienced stalking since entering college.
  • Over 13% of college women report they have been stalked. Of these, 42% were stalking by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend.
  • 60.8% of female stalking victims and 43.5% male stalking victims reported being stalked by a current or former intimate partner.
  • 19.3 million women and 5.1 million men in the United States have been stalked in their lifetime.

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