Reporting to the University

Office of Title IX Compliance (OTC)

The Office of Title IX Compliance (OTC) is charged to ensure that the dignity of students, employees and campus visitors is upheld. Title IX issues brought to this office may be investigated and resolved among all parties by a variety of means, which include conversations, and/or filing a formal complaint. Reporting may involve a full investigation by an OTC investigator.

To file a report you can:

  • Call the Office: 828-262-2144
  • Visit the Office: 123 I.G Greer Hall
  • Contact the Title IX Coordinator
  • Complete an online report form

For more information about the Office of Title IX Compliance visit:

Advocates and Support Individuals

Through the disciplinary process you are allowed to be accompanied by up to two support individuals and an attorney/non-attorney advocate. These individuals can be anyone you choose whether family, friends, faculty members, or staff.

Creating Change

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