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Medical Services

Your physical health is important. Some medical concerns may not be immediately apparent, such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), internal injuries, and pregnancy. Some medications, such as the the morning after pill for pregnancy and antibiotics for STDs, are most effective when administered as soon as possible. Medical care may also preserve evidence of the assault should you wish to pursue criminal charges immediately thereafter or in
the future.

Consider going to Student Health Services on campus or Watauga Medical Center to receive medical care.

Student Health Services

Watauga Medical Center


Rape Victim Assistance Program

North Carolina state law allows victims to obtain forensic medical examinations free of charge. [Please note: Forensic Exams are only performed at Watuaga Medical Center] Whenever a forensic examination is conducted as a result of a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault that occurred in the state, the program shall pay for the examination.

A medical facility or medical professional who performs a forensic exam shall encourage victims to submit an application for reimbursement of medical expenses beyond the forensic examination to the Crime Victims Compensation Commission for consideration of
those expenses.

*OASIS staff can assist you with making sure you are billed correctly*

Click here for more information about the Rape Victim Assistance Program .

Crime Victim’s Compensation

The services covered under the Crime Victim’s Compensation include medical expenses related to the crime (including treatment by a nurse or physician, hospital and ambulance expenses, forensic exams, lab tests, and evidence collection), counseling, lost wages, and household support loss and replacement services (for example, child care or housekeeping expenses if the victim can no longer provide these services because of the crime).

The victim must fully cooperate with the law enforcement investigation. In addition, medical insurance, Medicaid, auto or disability insurance, worker’s compensation or restitution paid by the offender must be used first and prior to requesting Crime Victim’s Compensation.

*OASIS staff can assist you in applying for Victim's Compensation*

Click here for more information about the Crime Victim’s Compensation .


Case Management or the Office of Access and Equity can assist you in learning more about these resources.