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You may be ready to file a report and the following are types of reporting options available to you as a student. You can choose to report to any or all of the following:

Reporting to Law Enforcement

Call the police and have the offender charged with a crime.

Reporting to the University

Whether or not you choose to persue criminal charges, if the alleged is an Appalachian State student, you may file a report through the Office of Title IX Compliance.

Reporting Anonymously

You may report a crime or suspicious activity without having to provide your name.

If You Choose Not to Report

ASU supports your right to choose whether to report. If you need information and help facilitating the reporting process, we are here to help. You may also consider seeking out legal guidance to help you better understand your options.

If you DO NOT want to report to Law Enforcement or the University, you may still want to seek immediate medical attention. Injuries may not be obvious at first. If you do not want to report the sexual assault you can still request to have a forensic exam to be completed. For more information about this exam and options for anonymous submission of evidence visit: Sexual Assault Forensic Exam.

Case Management or the Office of Access and Equity can speak with you more concerning any of these resources and can assist in submitting documentation for a complaint or filing a report.