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Reporting to Law Enforcement

If you would like to pursue criminal charges, you may want to contact the police from the area where the crime occured (which will be the office that will ulitmately investigate the crime). Cases are stronger when people report closer to the time of assault. If a report is being made within three days of the assault occurring, the police may request that you undergo a forensic exam at the hospital. This exam can be helpful to the legal case and can yield more evidence. The Watauga County District Attorney’s Office will determine if there is sufficient evidence to pursue charges.

Anonymous Reporting

You may report a crime or suspicious activity without having to provide your name through the Crime Tip Submission Form. Although there is a section of the form that asks for your name and contact information, this portion is not required in order to submit the form. By using this reporting option, you can provide police with important information that may prevent other assaults or may alert police and others while maintaining your anonymity.

To submit an anonymous report ASU PD visit:

To submit an anonymous report to Watauga County Crime Stoppers call: 828-268-6959

For more information visit:

University Police

You may file a complaint, request for hospital transportation, or file an official report with Appalachian State University Police. There are a number of ways you can file a report with ASU PD.

  1. In an emergency call 828-262-8000 (from your cell or home phone) or 8000 (from on-campus phone).

  2. In a non-emergency call 828-262-2150 (from your cell or home phone) or 2150 (from on-campus phone).

  3. Stop by the Police department located on the first floor of the River's Street Parking Deck. The Police Department on campus is able to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

For more information visit:

Local Law Enforcement

You may file a complaint, request for hospital transportation, or file an official report with Local Law Enforcement. For information pertaining to Local Law Enforcement Agencies, please see below:

Boone Police Department
Phone: 828-268-2900

Blowing Rock Police Department
Phone: 828-295-5212

Watauga County Sheriff’s
Phone: 828-264-3761