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Get Help Now

If you or someone you know has experienced interpersonal violence, you may be trying to navigate next steps. Here are a few key places to start. 

Call 911 for an emergency. Call Police to report the perpetrator.


Do Not: If you are seeking medical attention, do not bathe, shower, douche, brush your teeth, drink, change   clothing or comb your hair. It is only natural to want to do so, but in doing these things you may be destroying physical evidence that could be needed later if you wish to pursue criminal charges. If you have done these things, it does not mean that evidence cannot be found, it just may be more difficult.

For more information about medical options and to learn more about the Sexual Assualt Forensic Exam Click HERE

You can also call OASIS and ask for a Medical Advocate if you're wanting additional support and wanting to learn more about what to expect when seeking medical attention.

Request a Meeting

By filling out this form you are requesting a meeting with someone from the Office of the Dean of Students or the Office of Access and Equity. The form only asks for your name, contact information and to provide times that work best for you to meet. You do not have to describe any details of your situation on this form or during your meeting. This meeting will provide you an opportunity to understand available resources and options. This resource is not considered confidential - depending on what you share, the Office of Access and Equity may need to be informed.

Reach Out To Someone You Trust

If you are uncomfortable reporting the incident to the police on your own or you're not sure what you want/should do -reach out to someone you trust: a friend, a sibling, roommate, classmate, or even a professor. Having someone who cares about you and will support you can be helpful in these situations.


Counseling / OASIS

OASIS  — OASIS is Boone’s local domestic and sexual violence resource agency. They offer a 24 hour crisis line which puts you in touch with a staff member who can help you.

Counseling Services  — Students can walk into the ASU counseling center for an emergency Mondays-Fridays from 8am-5pm. At any other time, students or anyone concerned about a student may reach the counselor on call by calling the main number for the counseling center, (828) 262-3180.

If you DO NOT want to report to Law Enforcement or the University, you may still want to seek immediate medical attention. Injuries may not be obvious at first. If you do not want to report the sexual assault you can still request to have a forensic exam to be completed. For more information about this exam and options for anonymous submission of evidence visit: Sexual Assault Forensic Exam

The Office of Access and Equity or Case Management can speak with you concerning any of these resources and can assist in submitting documentation for a complaint or filing a report.