Title IX Responsible Employees

Appalachian State University has designated the following individuals as Title IX Responsible Employees:

Any employee:

  • of the University who has supervisory responsibilities,
  • of the Office of Human Resources,
  • any coach of an intercollegiate athletic team,
  • of the University's Residence Life staff,
  • of the Faculty, as defined in the University's Faculty Handbook.

Reporting Obligations of Title IX Responsible Employees

  • Any Responsible Employee who obtains knowledge of conduct that falls under sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking must report such information within one (1) day to the Office of Title IX Compliance.

  • The primary purpose of making such a report is to ensure that the person affected by the alleged prohibited conduct receives information about available resources and support, as well as processes to address the prohibited conduct. Title IX Responsible Employees will safeguard an individual’s privacy, but may not promise confidentiality

For more information about Title IX Responsible Employees please visit the University's Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation policy .

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