Retaliation, includes: Any adverse action against an individual, or an individual's spouse, partner, or other person with a close personal relation, for:

  1. making or supporting a claim of Sex-Based Misconduct,
  2. opposing any SexBased Misconduct,
  3. participating in the reporting, investigation, or resolution of alleged violation(s) under this policy, or
  4. otherwise engaging in a protected activity under these procedures or other associated University policies.

Examples of Retaliation include:

  1. intimidation,
  2. threats,
  3. Coercion, or
  4. adverse employment or educational actions.

Retaliation may be found even when an underlying report or complaint made in good faith was not substantiated.

Acts of alleged Retaliation should be reported immediately to the Title IX Coordinator and will be promptly investigated. Appalachian will take all appropriate and available steps to protect individuals who fear that they may be or have been subjected to Retaliation.

The exercise of rights protected under the First Amendment does not constitute, of and by itself, Retaliation.

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