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Preserving Evidence

Sexual  Misconduct

  • Forensic evidence (SANE exam) is best collected immediately following an incident of sexal msiconduct, or within 72 hours. The more time that passes between the sexual assault and the collection of evidence, the less likely it will be that the forensic exam will result in the most beneficial collection. 
  • You should not shower, bathe, wash your hands, use the toilet, douche, eat, drink, smoke, brush your teeth, change clothing, or wash clothing or bedding before a forensic or medical exam. We understand that this list may be extensive, and it might be that you have already taken one or many of these actions, and that's ok! We still encourage you to seek prompt medical care.
  • Gather additional evidence such as clothing and bedding.
  • Maintain and log any form of communication between yourself and the perpetrator. 

Dating or Domestic Violence

  • Log any incident (verbal, physical, emotional or otherwise).
  • Take photos of injuries or any damage to property.
  • If you are injuried during an incident of dating or domestic violence, seeking medical attention may be needed.


  • Save and log any unwanted photographs, text-messages, social media posts, emails, letters or gifts. 
  • If contact is made through technology, consider using screenshots to document these instances.
  • Do not delete your phone's call log.
  • Consider including the date, time, location, form of contact or interaction and any witnesses.
  • You may also keep a detailed journal that includes the above mentioned information, as well as your feelings about what happened (e.g. fear, anxiety) and how the incident(s) have caused you to make changes in your daily lives (e.g. how you get to class, relocated housing, changed class schedule, changed parking).