Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty and staff who have experienced Interpersonal Violence or know someone who has experienced Interpersonal violence are encouraged to contact the Office of Title IX Compliance for information about both on and off campus resources (828-262-2144). Below are a few resources.

Non-Confidential Services: Phone Number: Website:
Office of Title IX Compliance 828-262-2144 titleix.appstate.edu
Health Promotions for Faculty & Staff 828-262-6314 healthpromotions.appstate.edu
University Police 828-262-2150 police.appstate.edu
Confidential Services:


24/7: 828-262-5035

Ombuds Office 828-262-2559 ombuds.appstate.edu
Counseling for Faculty and Staff 828-262-4951 cfs.appstate.edu